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103 St Mary's Road, Liverpool, L19 2NW

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

Trident Single Earring


A design as old as the gods (literally). Depending on where you’re looking, the Trident is rich in symbols and meaning. You could go back as far as Poseidon – the God of the Sea – whose divine weapon was his trident. Powerful, vengeful and … well, moody. Or, you could go to Shiva, instead, the Hindu god of destruction. Will, action and wisdom. Desire, will and love. Whatever the history, there’s power in three, and the trident is epitome of that.

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In the making:

Our earrings come in three options, depending on the design – short drop, long drop and hoop. The short drop is 15mm long from top to bottom and the Long Drop is 74mm. They’re perfect miniatures of some of our classic designs, drawn by hand and cut with a big old laser. They’re made of solid either 925 Sterling Silver of 375 9 carat Yellow Gold, finished and polished by hand. Not all pendants are available as charms, as the detail is too fine to cut (even with a snazzy laser).


CG Recommends:

We sell our earrings as singles, so that you can mix and match your designs and length of drop to suit your style. Add two to your cart if you want to stick to the same design, or check out our collections if you want to twist and mix it up.


Technical Stuff:

Short Drop – 15mm in total
Long Drop – 75mm in total
Charm – 1mm thick

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