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103 St Mary's Road, Liverpool, L19 2NW

103 St Mary's Road, Liverpool, L19 2NW

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm


Take a walk down memory lane with us. Right back to where it all began. Five years of hustle and hard work have gotten us to where we are now, but there's still a long way to go. Let's start at the very beginning, shall we? This is the story so far.

Oct 2016

The First.

Gary gets his hands on a state of the art laser machine. Seeing the level of detail it’s capable of producing, he puts it to work experimenting with his lifelong love ... jewellery. His first design was the Texas Longhorn and although the size and weight of the pieces went through some iterations, he still wears the first original piece to this day.

Nov 2016

Tattoo Candy

A brand was born. Kind of by accident. But mostly by design. These designs. Named ‘Tattoo Candy’, our first 12 pieces were grittier, edgier - inspired by the tattoo world and the myriad of cultures that feed it. The original 12 are still, five years later, some of our best selling designs. And while the brand will continue to grow and evolve over time, they will forever be a key ‘tuning point’.

Dec 2016

Bangles Were Born

Through our own network of friends and family, it became clear that the ability to engrave whatever we wanted gave us a huge opportunity for personalisation and bespoke designs. We created products especially to cater for that, honing our signature carnival font to add the CarterGore stamp to the simplest and strongest of statements.

Jan 2016


The product range grew. And, as with all things in our journey, it grew via request. We were asked for our designs as earrings ... so, our designs as earrings is what we made. In both long and short drop, so that our customers could pick n’ mix and mix n’ match.

Feb 2017

Introducing CarterGore

We were first called Carter & Co. Classy, right? Apparently someone else thought so, too. Close to launching the brand, we realised we couldn’t legally protect the name, so our brand became CarterGore, a take on Cathy’s double-barrel surname.

April 2017

First Shoot

Even though we had the branding. And the product. And the vision. It felt like CarterGore was born on this shoot. Lead by the incredibly talented SaneSeven and defined by Ellie Powers frowning pout, our brand came to life in front of our eyes. With huge thanks to the team.

May 2017

The Great Launch

Well, if you’re going to launch a company, it may as well be with a bang. The Great British Tattoo Show was the perfect place to announce CarterGore to the world, along with our Tattoo Candy collection. And we did okay, selling 70-odd pieces. (Our best ever trade show).

June 2017

First Retailer

While CarterGore was always made to be a digital brand, we always knew that Retail would be important part of our journey. Our jewellery is made to look and touch and feel. Our first retailer - ERJ - has been our retail partner from the very beginning and still one of our closest.

September 2017

Wolf & Badger

Highly respected retailer and curator of incredible brands, Wolf & Badger are known for their fine eye and discerning edit of products they offer their customers. Being accepted onto their brand roster was a defining moment for us and one we will forever be very proud of.

Sept 2017

Somerset House, London Fashion Week

A huge honour for us to be welcomed to exhibit at Somerset House for London Fashion Week. Unfortunately, it also fell upon the same week there was a bomb scare on the tube, but we did get to meet some incredible makers. And got some great feedback and advice from an editor at Vogue. (Yes, Vogue, thank-you very much).

Nov 2017

Styling Darcey Bussell

The Prima herself, Darcey Bussell wears the living daylights out of our sugar skull in custom pieces made especially for the Strictly Come Dancing Halloween Special. Sadly, the only photo we got was a quick snap of the tv with a surprised and delighted yelp,

Dec 2017

CarterGore x GHQ

We experiment with brand collaborations and make some lifelong friends in the process. Our private event at GHQ in their Chester barbershop combined jewellery with music and a lot of booze.

Trust us, it adds up to a very good time.

March 2018

The Second Shoot

The team reassembled for our second shoot. We poured over moodboards for months, perfecting the story of our CarterGore girl as she faces into the world and makes it hers. Full of story, life and personality - it will forever be one of our favourite shoots.

Big thanks to @saneseven @ellipowers @veganviking

May 2018

Diamonds Are Forever

Teaming up with renowned Northampton-based jeweller, Steffans, we launched our Diamond collection. And, no, that’s not just a name. That’s honest-to-God diamonds. You can find us still in store at Steffans.

(Or we can create custom sparkly pieces, if the word ‘diamonds’ just got your attention).

October 2018

London Tattoo Convention

Hosted at The Tabacco Dock, a grade 1 listed warehouse in the east end of London and the historical home of exotic exports, The London Tattoo Convention is a true celebration and live demonstration of tattoo-culture at its finest. We loved being amongst the vendors and visceral energy of the performers. And we sold a fair bit of jewellery too.

Jan 2019

50 Designs

Our range continues to grow and evolve, fed by the uniqueness of our process.

Because each piece often starts out as a commission or customer request, inspiration comes thick and fast, which quickly saw us reach 50 designs.

Feb 2019

How Charming

Collecting CarterGore pieces was becoming a big thing for our customers, designs were emblems of parts of their personality or chapters of their life. So, we started playing with miniaturising our designs to make charms. And charm bracelets. An accessible way to build your story.

June 2019

New Product - Multi Charms

A delicate take on our designs, the multi charm necklace features five miniatures of any one design (or different designs, if you want to go bespoke) for a layered look that’s lighter and more paired back.

Oct 2019

In Support of Mind

Our first charity sponsorship. And a huge honour to be part of. Hosted at the Suburbs, Wirral, the event was in support of Mind, an incredible charity championing the importance of mental health. We provided 60 necklaces and dressed the tables for the ladies lunch event, which raised £6,000 for the crucial work of Mind.

Feb 2020

Pure London

Our first trade show and a step in a new direction for us. We know having Retail partners will be big part in growing our brand, so exhibiting at Pure was all about meeting like-minded makers and boutiques. Despite raging storms and the creeping concern over Covid, we met and signed some fantastic new retailers here.

April 2020

Charity Rainbow

The world went to hell in a hand basket. But for the carnage that was 2020, the rainbow became an emblem of hope, togetherness and a profound respect for those that keep our country going. We designed a rainbow pendant, and donated 30% of sales to charity as well as gifting the design each week to well-deserving nominees amongst our social media community.

Oct 2020

75 Designs

The Creative stops for nothing and no-one. With the latest designs including soul-story pieces like The Tree of Life and Buddha, as well as a whole litter of Dog designs, we wrack our creative count up to 75 designs. That’s a whole lot of choice, people.

Nov 2020

15th Retailer

Our Retail Roster grows to 15 partners - each of which contended with the nightmare of 2020 with resilience and creativity. Despite being forced to close by fluctuating national restrictions - CarterGore reached more and more customers through our close network of committed boutique retailers.

Dec 2020

Defining The Brand

Shot by Molly Glenn, and featuring stylist-come-style-queen Sara Wilson, we got to work creating the look and feel for the next phase of CarterGore. Clean, commercial but full of attitude and soul, Molly’s talent for capturing the kinetic wildness of the female spirit helped us level-up our digital brand game.

Jan 2021

Shoe-Lewery, with Terry De Havilland

Epic shoe maker Terry De Havilland approach us for a collaboration. Jewellery + Shoes = Shoe-Lewery. And yes, the partnership of dreams. That’s all we can say for now. Stay tuned on that one.

Jan 2021

North Star, Anyone?

January 2021 was the line in the ground we’d all been aiming for throughout the nightmare that was 2020. And then it turned out to be shit. To do what little we could to compensate, we put out a call on social offering to give away a North Star pendant to people that needed a lift. We received hundreds and hundreds of requests. We read each and every one of them. And gave away as many pieces as we could.

Feb 2021

Launch of our New Site

And that brings us to here. A brand new website. That we worked meticulously on to get just right. For you, our customer. To make sure you can can find what you want, when you want it and to share with you the provenance of design and the symbolism of our pieces.

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