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103 St Mary's Road, Liverpool, L19 2NW

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

Russian Doll - 5 Charm Necklace


Probably the ultimate icon of Russian culture, the Russian Matryoshka doll quite literally represents matriarchy, unity of family and the power of the female. It’s also said to symbolise the search for truth and meaning within yourself, with each doll representing a layer of yourself and journey through life. We had you at matriarchy, right?

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In the making:

A delicate take on our most favourite hand-drawn designs – miniature charms on a fine 18 inch chain (so it sits mid-chest, just the right distance between collar bone and boob). They’re perfect miniatures of some of our classics, carved out with a big old laser. They’re made of solid 925 Sterling Silver, finished and polished by hand.


CG Recommends:

Not all pendants are available as 5-charms, as the detail is too fine to cut (even with a snazzy laser) but if there’s something specific you’re looking for – get in touch, let’s see what we can do.


Technical Stuff:

Charm size (height): 12.5mm
Charm thickness - 1mm
Necklace length: 18 inches

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